Eggnog Primaries?

I mentioned in my short post yesterday that Michigan was moving their primary up to January 12, 2008. At first, I didn’t think that it would force many changes to the priamry schedule, because it was not before Iowa or New Hampshire, and was not a Southern state, allowing S.C. to keep it’s current date of January 19. Unfortunately, I forgot about spacing requirements, which are, apparently,  mandatd by Iowa and New Hampshire law. The new schedule may force Iowa into December after all. An explanation from

New Hampshire would likely have their primary on January 8 if this happens, which I’m sure they’re happy to do. Iowa law requires at least 7 days before the New Hampshire primary…so that takes us to New Years Day! And since Iowa usually does their caucus on a Saturday, we’d be looking at Dec. 29.

Iowa does not want to move into December, but it does not look like they have a choice. Unless IA or NH changes their state laws, we are going to be starting the voting in 2007, Electing the President in 2008, and watching him(her) take office in 2009.



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2 responses to “Eggnog Primaries?

  1. I believe I read somewhere that Iowa’s governor said he would change laws if he had to keep iowa’s caucus in Jan. I haven’t researched it again yet, but I believe someone write about it on

  2. jrcutler

    Yep, I heard that also. I wish the other states would have thought of how it would mess everyone else up. They better not have it in December, I couldn’t participate because I’d be gone for Christmas! That’d be lame. I hope Chet can push something through, he’d be a pal, even if he is a democrat and made Nussl lose.

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