Those Who Do Not Remember the Past…

…are doomed to repeat it. Such is the case with Fred Thompson, Fmr. Actor and current non-candidate, who may have found himself staging an unfortunate repeat of Michael Dukakis’ infamous ride in an M1 Abrams tank.

For Thompson, there is no tank, and there is no scheduled photo-op. Instead, Thompson was caught driving, or rather, being driven, around the Iowa State Fair in a golf cart. While Thompson was not the only candidate to use his golf cart durign their visit to the fair, it is not good for a person who has a reputation as lazy and accusations of falseness to show up at in Iowa in designer shoes and being driven in a cart.

 I have to agree that this is bad for Thompson. Here is how I put it on R4’08:

The video of Thompson in that golf cart is a perfect representation of the Thompson campaign. He expects to ride that cart, with someone else in the driver seat, all the way to the White House. He expects to be able to stop here and there, shake a couple hands, and win the nomination.

note: I’m not the only one with that view.


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4 responses to “Those Who Do Not Remember the Past…

  1. cwpete

    ACT Blog:

    I found your site, I’ll come by from time to tome to check it out.

  2. GeorgiaMom

    Worse than the lazy factor is the illness factor.

    The man simply looks ill. He does not appear to be physically up to the job of being President, much less the rigors of campaigning for the job.

    Nobody is going to get elected by issuing essays on the Internet.
    It takes hundreds of 18 hour days and I just don’t see this frail, old, tired man being able to do that.

  3. jrcutler

    I found this place also. I stop by daily now. I asked my wife what the most lazy person in the world would do at the Iowa state fair, and she actually said “ride around in a golf cart” No joke! Maybe she already knew the story before I asked her, but she claimed she didn’t. Crazy!

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