A Busy Weekend

Yes, I know, I have not been online this weekend. I was at a family wedding and forgot to put up a post letting my readers know that I would not be able to update the site. It also looks like I took a break during one of the busier news weekends. I just got back this morning, so I’m still not totally back in the swing of things. However, here are the major news stories of the weekend:

1) Attorney General Gonzales Resigned.
2) Mitt Romney is launching a new internet-based effort to increase support and participation in his campaign.
3) The race for the Republican nomination remains close.
4) Romney has unveiled his healthcare plan
5) Rumors continue to surround Fred Thompson’s entrance into the Presidential race, including speculation that he may not enter until Oct.
6) The majority Americans do not seem to be paying attention to the election – at least not yet.
7) The Republicans will be attending a FOX NEWS debate on September 5.

I’ll have links and post containing more detail out within the next few hours. I’m going to try and get as much done today as possible, because I’m leaving again on Thursday for a fishing trip. Stay tuned, because, now that the campaign is heating up, weekends aren’t going to get any slower.


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