Rasmussen Update

The last Rasmussen poll that I saw before I left for the weekend showed that Giuliani may have been heading back into the 30% region. The latest poll out today, however, shows that the race lacks a clear leader. Rudy is still in the lead, but that lead is extremely small, and within the margin of error. Romney remains around 14%, while McCain continues to bounce between the low teens and high single digets. Here is the poll:

 Rudy Giuliani – 24%
Fred Thompson – 23%
Mitt Romney – 13%
John McCain – 12%

What is interesting to note is that, despite the high amount of attention the media is paying to the election, there has been little significant movement since Thompson entered the race. Although Romney has risen to third, and McCain slipped, there has not yet been major movement by any candidate that threatens to re-shape the race.

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