Not Until October?

 From The Politico:

“But previous indications that he’d announce the day after the holiday to participate in the Fox News-sponsored GOP debate in New Hampshire on Sept. 5 now appear to be inoperative. One Thompson source wouldn’t reveal exactly when the launch would come but conceded that Thompson’s presence at the forum was “very unlikely”

There were already rumors swirling around that Thompson would not get into the race before October, but this is the first source that I have seen from the Thompson campaign itself suggesting the same thing.

 Still, something is deffinately up with the Thompson campaign, and I think it extends beyond a simple desire to have a solid organization or a want to avoid debates. I am seriously beginning to believe that Thompson is not going to get in at all. As for the exact reason, I can’t say for sure, but speculation ranges from bad fundraising numbers to a relapse of Thompson’s cancer. I don’t want to speculate on that, but I think the more likely reason is that he missed his big opportunity, and now no time seems perfect.



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5 responses to “Not Until October?

  1. GeorgiaMom

    OR, his entire non-campaign campaign has a purpose other than Thompson becoming POTUS.

  2. jrcutler

    Thompsons golden opportunity was early July in my opinion. He blew it and now has a terrible reputation of being lazy among the experts of politics. No wonder he is having problems with his campaign staff. Time is of the essence for Thompson, the sooner the better. What should worry his campaign is the apparent lack of a rise in polling numbers leading up to his new announcement date, but actually a decline, something I don’t believe has happened before. He is losing trust with people because he is not keeping his word on his announcement date(s) or at least the rumors of them that he knew very well about. It might be over for Thompson if he doesn’t announce before September 7th.

  3. jrcutler

    After September 7th, rumors of why Thompson is not entering will probably skyrocket. Look to the cancer relapse reasoning, marital problems, or just plain lack of interest in the presidency to circulate mainstream, which is not good for Republicans, the remaining candidates, or especially Thompson. The media will reach a new level of cruelty, I assure you.

  4. GeorgiaMom

    The fact that he decided to get in the DAY AFTER the Fox News NH debate and go on LENO instead is really a poor choice by his campaign.

    How is it this TV actor is STILL not ready for prime time?

  5. jrcutler

    Thompson definitely has an unorthodox approach. It almost appears that he is trying to use the internet and major TV programs to gain votes instead of winning over the political gurus. I’ll tell you something, when the clueless people call up the people in the know the day before the votes are cast, Thompson will collapse no matter what, unless Thompson finds the fountain of youth and campaigns harder than Romney or Rudy and learns to put a smile on his face instead of grumbling all of the time.

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