The Easy Part is Over

Firstly, Happy Labor Day! The traditional end of the summer means both that I will be back in school on Wednesday and that the Presidential Race will soon swing into high gear. As with my last weekend vacation, there are a couple points that need to be addressed:

  •  Fred Thompson will be entering the race (via video) this Thursday – the day after the New Hampshire debate.
  • As I just mentioned, the Republican candidates will participate in a Sep. 5 debate in NH
  • Romney has re-taken the lead in Michigan, which moves him into third place in delegate votes

Now that we are getting into the fall, the easy part of the Presidential Race is over. People are actually starting to pay attention now, and everything counts mistakes, as well as victories, will be bigger and are more likely to have a lasting impact. Expect to see the competition get tighter as the weeks go on, also expect to see the lower-tier candidates start to drop out as funds start to dry up.


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One response to “The Easy Part is Over

  1. jrcutler

    The most interesting story is Fred Thompson – will he crash and burn? I think it will take months to find out exactly how American’s veiw the real Fred Thompson (and not TV Thompson). I look forward to finally finding out something about him. So far I know that he is 1. lazy 2. A former lobbyist 3. A Tenessee Governer that got sick of it after a while 4. A fella that has a tough time cracking a smile 5. A mumbler 6. Thinks he is in a different class than the other candidates who fail to please the voters 7. Was a great actor 8. Doesn’t know how to plan or keep committments 9. Is a chicken because #1 he is afraid to debate and #2 is afraid to tell people how much he has raised because the numbers are below the goals set. 10. Hates the FEC but loves McCain-Feingold

    Good luck winning me over Fred, you are starting WAY in the hole!

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