Rudy on Immigration

“Illegal immigration is not a federal crime”, “it should not be a crime”, ” we cannot prosecute 12 million people”

 I’m willing to, if it is true, concede the first point to Rudy Giuliani, but the following two statements, when not paired with a valid plan to solve the problem of illegal aliens within this country, is totally off-base and more deserving of Hillary Clinton than any Republican candidate.

You can read the article here

 For those who might think that I am not getting the entire story, that this is one statement, at one campaign stop, mentioned in one article, you might be right, but Rudy’s website does not really offer a plan to deal with the illegals already here either. I will admit that he is correct on securing the border, but the only thing mentioned on his website deals with illegals who commit crimes while here, and visa-overstays. There is nothing in there about deporting illegals, or about establishing a system that prevents them from obtaining employment or education or housing. His plan, if put into place, means that little more than half of illegals, if that, would face any kind of legal action. That is a good start, but far from being a complete plan.

If Giuliani wants to clarify his statements, or explain what we need to do with illegals already here who have not overstayed visas or committed crimes, I encourage and welcome that clarification, but until such clarification occurs, I cannot make any real distinction between the Amnesty that was supported by John McCain, and the position of Rudy Giuliani.


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