Less than 40% Know Giuliani is Pro-abortion

You would think, that after 5+ debates, millions of dollars spent, and months of campaigning, that the American public would be getting a pretty clear idea of where the major candidates stand on the important issues. Well, no so fast. A new Pew poll that came out last Thursday showed that, at least on one issue, the public remians extremely uninformed about the position of one particular candidate – Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani. The issue I’m referring to is abortion, and the latest Pew Research poll shows that a shockingly low number of Americans, and even Conservatives who think aboriton is an important issue, know that Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice. Take a look:

 Rudy Giuliani’s abortion position is… (all polled)

Pro-Choice: 22%          Pro-Life: 7%          Unsure: 68%

Republicans are slighhtly more infomed than the general population (31% getting the correct answer), and those who believe social issues are “very important” are slightly more informed than either group (33% getting the correct answer).

I think this poll proves that as voters become more educated, there will likely be at least one more period of major changes on the Republican side.

Read the full poll


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One response to “Less than 40% Know Giuliani is Pro-abortion

  1. GeorgiaMom

    We are the pro-life party.

    People ASSUME anybody running for POTUS as Republican in Pro-Life. There needs to be some serious hammering away at this issue by some 527 Pro-life group.

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