Troops Coming Home?

I had a couple unexpected things dropped on my schedule today, so I can’t gaurentee that I will get out my in-depth post on Iraq today. I will say, however, that the AP has reported a potential draw-down of U.S. forces – bringing 30,000 men and women home by



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3 responses to “Troops Coming Home?

  1. bethtopaz

    I just want you to know I check your blog daily. I think you post over at, also.

    Keep up the good work and write on!

  2. bethtopaz

    When you get back, check out

    They have a video of Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona on Neil Cavuto’s show — supporting Mitt Romney for President.

  3. bethtopaz

    For some reason clicking on the site in my comment doesn’t connect to the site.
    You’ll have to copy the link and get into it that way.

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