America Must Win

Yes, I know I said blogging would be light over the next couple of days, and it will, but I have to make an exception for the President’s Iraq speech. There were no real bombshells in this speech, apart from perhaps the letter from the parents of the soldier who asserted “freedom is not free.” The President’s list of positive improvements, as well as the rather weak response from the Democrats, could potentially increase the number of Americans supporting the war – and the President.

 This is an extremely positive sign for the country and our fight against terrorism, we can only hope that it is only the beginning of number of improvements in the situation.



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2 responses to “America Must Win

  1. frofreak

    Let’s hope things continue to get better. I, like everyone else, don’t want anymore people to have to die in this conflict. But I am equally concerned that the Iraqi people have a stable country in which to move forward toward freedom and liberty. I am one of those that wouldn’t have gone into Iraq in the first place, given the choice. But I can see the value in what we are doing there, and it’s greatest value is for the people of Iraq. Let’s hope it stabalizes, so that our soldiers can come home with honor, knowing their sacrifices were worth it, that the service that they gave to the Iraqi’s is invaluable.

  2. jrcutler

    I was happy to see that stabilization is taking place in Iraq. Although it’s not the best situation in the world, we can’t quit now, there is a war that needs to be finished off here. We cannot afford to lose ground by running away from a region that could easily convert into a safe-haven for terrorists. The bombs will either blow up in Iraq or on U.S. mainland soil, I’m just grateful that the soldiers over there are prepared with armor and military training – the U.S. mainland is not. Our armed forces don’t want to lose, therefore, neither do I.

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