Polls Gone Screwy

Now I don’t know what to think. A few days ago, Fred Thompson jumped into the race, and now every national poll from Rasmussen to FOX NEWS has gone completely screwy. They all show a Thompson bump, but who is hurt, how badly they are hurt, and exactly how strong Fred Thompson is varries so much from poll to poll, that none of them seem credible. At a time when the GOP should be starting to get a clear idea of who our nominee will be, then entire race has been thrown back into instability. Romney is no longer increasing, but Rudy has also taken a major hit. More people look to be supporting McCain, and Huckabee looks stuck at 5%. Just two weeks ago, the race looked extremely different, with Romney closing the gap, Rudy and Fred handing close by each other, McCain slipping, and Huckabee showed some signs of trying to bust into the top tier.

 I don’t know what is going to happen anymore, and the chaotic polling data coming at us from left and right removes any hope of having a clear consensus any time soon.



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2 responses to “Polls Gone Screwy

  1. jrcutler

    A poll that shows Fred Thompson on top is a poll that lacks political intelligence. Enough said.

  2. bethtopaz

    I agree with Jrcutler. National polls are polls about name id. Fred Thompson is the tough guy on Law & Order (I have never seen him on L&O, but this seems to be the consensus), but in real life, he is a befuddled, aimless guy who doesn’t really seem to want the job of POTUS.

    People who are crazy about Fred, in my opinion, are supporting Arthur Branch, the character he played on L&O.

    Wait until he is in a debate, standing toe to toe, head to head with the other candidates.

    If he’s afraid to debate Mike Huckabee in a Lincoln/Douglas-style debate — how do you think he will do when he stands as one of the Republican candidates with the others?

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