Romney Will Hold Virtual “Ask Mitt Anything”

One thing I like about Romney is the focus he has put on listening to the concerns of the voters. More than any other candidate, Romney has has made townhall-style, question and answer sessions a key part of his run for President. In these “Ask Mitt Anything” session, voters have the opportunity to ask the candidate himself any question they want, and its a great way to let the public know at least one candidate is actually interested in listening to them. Unfortunately, Romney’s strategy also means that these sessions are held almost exclusively in the early states. Fortunately, Romney has decided to take this style of campaigning national – online. Rather than spending hours and dollars to travel from state to state, Romney will stage a virtual “Ask Mitt Anything” session tomorrow night at 7:15 PM Eastern. To participate, you need to register with the site by that time, which you can do at (sorry about the link, but WP is not working properly right now). This should be interesting, Romeny has been pretty good at using the internet, from the vitual “mini-Mitt” on his site to the “create you own ad” contest. This is just another example of using the internet to reach more voters at once and allow those not in the early states to be part of the campaign.



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4 responses to “Romney Will Hold Virtual “Ask Mitt Anything”

  1. bethtopaz

    Thanks for the heads up!

    It’s good to see you guys posting again. I read your comments over at race42008, but I look here everyday to see what you guys have to say about Mitt Romney.

  2. jrcutler

    Mitt really does come up with good ideas and executes them well. I liked the virtual town hall, I just wish that it was a little longer, still, another good idea.
    I also like the ACT BLOG over at I’m not very well versed in politics, but good old ACT BLOG says what I feel inside with more political intelligence than I am able to muster up.
    Good stuff, good stuff.

  3. you have strong opinions Jrcutler? You think you can put them into words? Because that is pretty much what blogging is.

    Let me know, I can give you the chance to do some writing on my site if you want.

  4. jrcutler

    That would be great!

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