A Quick Update

I am probably having some of the worst luck in the world right now when it comes to keeping my site updated – between going back to school, getting over a cold, and now trying to sort through computer problems, I have managed probably three posts in the last week. Like I said, our computer is not working properly, so I don’t know when I will be able to put up another post (I’m not currently at home) – it could be tomorrow, or it could take a couple days, so stay tuned, sorry to my regular readers who have noticed such a slow down.

 I just finished up listening to Romney’s “Ask Mitt Anything” session, and I have to say, I was impressed. I don’t have time to go through everything I heared, but I will say that Romney’s best line of the night was when he said “Our problems are too big to be solved by politicians” – and he is right, we don’t need a career Senator or First Lady, we need a President who is skilled at management, problem solving, and working with limited resources (contrary to what Democrats believe, we do have a limited income).

 Thats all for now, I promise I’ll be back to blogging as soon as we can get the computer working again, stay tuned.



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7 responses to “A Quick Update

  1. bethtopaz

    I wish you the best – with your schedule, your computer and getting over your cold.
    I got slammed with a sinus infection yesterday and was up most of the night.
    Take care and look forward to hearing from you more.

  2. jrcutler

    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection!!

  3. bethtopaz

    Thanks, jrcutler — my friend over at race42008!

    Hey, while we’re on a mitt friendly site, I just want to ask you a couple questions?

    (1) How do you explain FDT’s popularity?

    (2) How do you explain so many people’s resistance to Mitt Romney?

    I would love it if you could give me your opinion (or anyone elses, for that matter).

  4. jrcutler

    Reasons for Fred being #1 in national polls:
    1. He is the only southerner with name recognition (poor Huckabee)
    2. Due to his fairly uneventful stay in the senate, there is both nothing good to say about what he did their and nothing bad either. His record as a senator is innocent in many people’s eyes because he did little.
    3. Thompson has been protrayed multiple times on TV as the perfect kind of guy to vote for president. He acted as a just individual; therefore, many assume he is the same way in real life.
    4. I think undecided’s generally like to say they will vote for Thompson in a poll since most of them only can think of positives from his tv past and can’t think of a negative. The beauty with TV is that your script can make you look like the perfect person. Match that up with the fact that you can cut out errors, and you have acting, which is one of the only professions where it is possible to make zero mistakes in front of over 99 percent of the people that see you perform your job, due to rehearsals and editing. Now, if only a real politician could have the luxury of having an editor go back and check and delete all mistakes made in speech and substance at the dress rehearsal before broadcasting it to millions!
    5. Fred Thompson is a simple man, he doesn’t appear to be a slick politician since he doensn’t smile much or defend himself like a politician would. Good for starters, but bad in the long run.

    I think that FDT is in the same kind of cateogory as Steve Forbes was. People thought he would be a great candidate since he had great name recognition with the magazine. Forbes also appeared to have really good stances on issues and looked to be a true conservative. I don’t think Fred and Forbes know how to campaign, and lack the communication skills to win votes. Forbes did great in the Iowa Straw poll back in the day, as well as other polls, but as time went by, he got slaughtered around election time. History called him “idiosyncratic” and although I don’t think of Thompson as being that way, I would rather elect Thompson to be my local policeman than my CEO. Unfortunately I base that off of his acting career and not off of his real characteristics.

    What scares me about Thompson is his ability so far to dodge key benchmark activities that help a person decide who to vote for. He won’t debate for forever it seems, may even dodge Q3 numbers by playing with the FEC, and takes frequent breaks from the campaign. Can he hide for long enough? No! Can he steal quite a few votes, I think so.

  5. jrcutler

    I might note that my research on the 1996 primary election is very limited, as well as my veiws on Forbes in general. I remember hearing about the flat tax idea and it seemed like a good idea. Still, likening Forbes to Fred may have been a bad comparison, and I apologize.

  6. bethtopaz

    Hi Jrcutler —

    thanks for your feedback.

    I wish I could relax about all the dust being kicked up about fred thompson, but it’s hard because so many people these days do equate a t.v. character with the real person — and since he’s a character actor, it’s imbedded in peoples’ minds.

    Just think — if Mitt Romney had a skimpy political resume like FDT, but had played several roles as POTUS, a Reagan Republican DA in NYC, etc. don’t you think his numbers today would be vastly different?

    It’s not an even playing field — until FDT shows himself as a real person in a real debate.

    My gut feeling is that he’s only doing this to please his politically-aspiring wife.

    My fear is that he will get the nomination and, as a result, Hillary will wipe up the floor with him (because then he really will have to do real debates) and we will be stuck with her for 4 years.

    What say you?

  7. jrcutler

    I totally agree!

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