Romney to Republicans: Shape Up

Romney has shown no fear in criticizing Democrats – or fellow Republicans. Just before the Ames Straw Poll, Romney released a television ad in Iowa that wanted to send a message to “politicians in both parties” that America was sick of the little progress being made on important issues. By portraying himself as an outsider, and making change a central theme of his campaign, Romney has been working to gain the support of those who are sick of both Republicans and Democrats. Well, he’s done it again, this time looking for the support of those who are sick of Republican abandoning their values of low taxes, the rule of law, and strong ethics. In his newest ad, Romney calls on others in his party to “Put their house in order” and to stop being “Republicans acting like Democrats.” It is also getting a lot of media attention, and, from what I’ve read on it, it is getting extremely positive reviews.



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2 responses to “Romney to Republicans: Shape Up

  1. jrcutler

    That’s exactly what American’s want, especially independents. I actually believe him.

  2. bethtopaz

    Mitt is strong!

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