Mitt on Mackinac – Part II

As promised, I’ve found a copy of Romney’s Macinac speech, and have pulled a few important points to share. The entire speech is too long for me to post on my site, but you can read the entire thing at Romney’s website.

Romney begins by reminding people of his Michigan heritage, and taking a shot at Al Gore’s tree-hugging:

“It’s good to be back home in Mackinac. One of the things I like best is that there are no cars on the island. Unfortunately, that’s Al Gore’s vision for all of America.”

Romney also praised his father, Fmr. Governor George Romney, and drawing a connection between his father’s influence, and his current run for President:

“I don’t have to tell you that my Dad made a mark on Michigan. And he made a mark on me. And I guess that is at the heart of things; he’s a big part of why I’m running for President today.”

Romney then moved on to discussing actual issues, repeating a major part of the open letter that began running in New Hampshire today:

“I believe that we are at an inflection point today. Forces of globalization, the emergence of new economic powerhouses like China and India, and the spread of radical violent Jihad have created a perfect storm that will change the course of our nation. And, we face unprecedented challenges in securing our borders, protecting the family, creating new jobs and achieving energy security.”

Mitt also focused heavily on his message of change, criticizing big government and, once again, using the term “Republicans for change”:

“Republicans for Change believe in small government. Governments should be restrained so that the freedoms and vitality of individuals and enterprises can be unleashed. Compared to free markets and free enterprises, government is slow to act, wasteful, duplicative, bureaucratic, inefficient, ineffective, and unresponsive. Have I left anything out? Other than that, government isn’t all bad.”

Last but not least, he took a swipe at Hillary:

“Hillary Clinton fundamentally doesn’t trust the private sector. Of course not, she’s never worked in the private sector, except to sue people. So when she sees a problem in the marketplace, she naturally thinks more government and higher taxes are the solution. She sees the problems in healthcare, for example, and proposes more government. With her plan, patients would have to get used to hearing these words: ‘The bureaucrat will see you now.'”

It was a good speech, and I’m impressed. I encourage everyone to read the full version. As always, feel free to debate or discuss in the comment section.


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One response to “Mitt on Mackinac – Part II

  1. bethtopaz

    It’s funny how people say that Mitt “bombed” with this speech. The ACLU comment was taken out of context, too.

    This was a serious speech.

    If a serious speech about the state of our Party is considered a “bomb” by some people, then those people are not serious about the Party.

    Great speech! Great man!

    Go Mitt!!

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