Open Topic: Unions

Well, I HAD a good, long post planned for release tonight – until WP lost 90% of it. Since, I’m not in the mood to re-type the entire thing, I decided on plan “B”.

I don’t know how many of you have seen the news yet, but General Motors has been hit by a nation-wide UAW strike. This results from contract talks that, apparently did not go so well. Living in Southeastern Michigan, and in a union-city, my ride home from school today allowed me to witness at least three different union picket lines, each with their respective chants, such as “mighty, mighty, union.”

 So, here is the topic for debate tonight:

Are unions mostly good, bad, or in-between? Do they help or hurt the economy? What place, if any, should unions have? Are unions not powerful enough or too powerful?


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