Two Romneys Sidelined

Both Mitt Romney and his son Tagg are temporarily off the campaign trail – the candidate by a bad cold (which he apparently picked up while in Michigan – Sorry Mitt!), and Tagg by some kind of injury, though he has refused to say exactly what caused it. Mitt is expected to make an appearance in Utah to cap off Q3, before taking a weekend break to recover. The news from Politico:

 Mitt Romney has come down with a cold, courtesy of his frenetic campaign pace and dash to raise cash before the end of the third quarter. After his “Rally for Romney” Friday in Salt Lake City, the former governor will get some down time by spending the weekend at his place in Park City, UT. He was originally slated to campaign in South Carolina this weekend. Mitt is not the only Romney in recovery mode. Son Tagg has endured another in a series of injuries and has been off the trail of late. But like Manny Ramirez, both are expected back in the lineup when it counts.

Romney is going to need to rest up, because he is going to have to go back to New Hampshire to re-build a comfortable lead there. He is going to have to do that as quickly as possible, because, as has been pointed out, we are now within 100 days of the first votes being cast. He really needs to get New Hampshire firmly back into his column, so he can focus on improving in other states, such as S.C.


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