Open Letter to the American Voter

Below is an open letter to the American voter. It is in response to an open letter written by William Reston of to Fred Thompson.


To the American voter,

At a time when Islamic Extremism, social decay, and a host of economic issues have created a combination of challenges, the likes of which have not been seen since the early 1980s,  America requires strong, experienced, and Conservative leadership. Yet, between the top tiers of both the Republican and Democratic parties, there is only one man who can take all-around Conservative positions and combine them  with strong executive experience to create an ideal candidate.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney faced a situation very similar to the situation currently faced by our nation today. Liberal policies of spending, taxing, and other irresponsible practices had left the state deeply in debt, the state demanded leadership, and Mitt Romney, by then an experienced and successful business leader and Olympic organizer, provided it. Though he served only one term, what he accomplished in that term rivaled or exceeded what many elected politicians accomplish in two, three, or even four terms. By the time Gov. Romney left office in 2007, a multi-billion dollar deficit had been eliminated and replaced with a surplus totaling more than a billion dollars – all without raising taxes. As Governor, Mitt Romney used his veto pen to work against runaway spending – and to turn a multi-million dollar tax hike into a multi-million dollar tax refund.

In a business career that stretched more than two decades, Mitt Romney completed turnaround after turnaround, saving numbers jobs along the way. As a man from the private sector, rather than a career politician, Mitt Romney understands what kinds of policies are needed to spur economic growth, and the importance of working within a budget  – something that has become far too rare in Washington today. Leaders in both parties have failed America, abandoning principles of free markets and small government in favor of investigation, high taxation, and entitlements – policies that do little to help America, and even less to help the average American. Big-government Republicans and tax-and-spend liberals have driven out deficit up, our dollar down, and have made the daily operations of the U.S. government increasingly dependent on the generosity of countries like China. Spending must be reigned in, and America must begin to pay down its debt. No candidate understands this need more, and no candidate is more experienced to deal with the challenge, than Mitt Romney. Already, he has promised to cap non-military spending at inflation minus one percent. He has called for the line item veto, and stressed the need for a return to fiscal sanity. With Democrats in control of congress, ready and willing to pass the biggest tax hike in recent memory, and propose and pass a bevy of new socialist programs, America must have a leader who understands the principles of an economy and a responsible government.

Economic challenge is not the only problem currently faced by our country, the threat of Islamic terrorism looms. While there are other candidates who understand this threat, few, if any, have made a point of focusing on the underlying cause of Islamic Extremism. Bullets alone will not make America safe. To permanently defeat radical Islam, America must work to empower Muslims around the world to take back their religion from those who seek to pervert and destroy it. Any policy that does not seek to combat the ideology itself as much as those who fight for it, is the equivalent of trying to rebuild a house that is still on fire – it simply won’t work. No other candidate has made defeating our enemies on both an ideological and military level a bigger focus of their campaign than Mitt Romney. Romney’s understanding of Radical Islam, the treat of Iranian nuclear weapons, and the consequences of cutting and running in Iraq make him and excellent choice for Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Along with these challenges, we face an entirely different group of issues: ones that deal with American culture. While usually reserved for the bottom of the political pile, they are no less important to the survival and continuation of a strong America. Activist judges, liberal groups, and others threaten to overwhelm America and put us on the path of Europe – social decline, a falling population, and other unwanted consequences. Though not always so Conservative, Mitt Romney has followed the track of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and countless American citizens who have gained a new – and more Conservative – outlook over a period of time. When the Massachusetts Supreme Court choose to write, rather than interpret, the law, granting marriage rights to Homosexual couples, Mitt Romney was at the forefront of an effort to legally adopt the traditional definition of marriage. And, although he promised to maintain current abortion laws in his run for governor, Mitt Romney was never faced with a situation in which he did not come down on the side of life. As a candidate for President, Mitt Romeny supports the overturning of Roe v. Wade, along with allowing states to impose limits on abortion in defense of unborn life.  Finally, Gov. Romeny supports protecting children from being exposed to the mountains of sex, drugs, and violence that are found on television and internet.

These, and many, many other issues are why America must choose Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States. Few times in our history has America ever demanded more from a potential President. At the present time, America requires a leader who can provide the necessary blend of Executive experience, proven leadership, and Conservative Principles at home and abroad. Only Mitt Romney has shown thsoe that he meets every one of those requirements. Other candidate may provide leadership or Conservative principles, but one without the other does little to accomplish what our nation needs. Mitt Romney is the best choice for President in 2008.


Matt A.



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8 responses to “Open Letter to the American Voter

  1. murphy

    Nice response, ACT. Good to see you keeping up the good fight over at R42008.

    Btw, I have a fairly lengthy blotter that I’ve been puting together on Rudy for the last few months. Please email me if you would like it.

  2. MCon


    I haven’t seen you over at r42008 in a while. what happened?

  3. J. Martin

    Excellent article, Matt. Quite a contrast to William’s, which had no substance and was nothing but an attack on Romney.

  4. bethtopaz

    Bravo! Well done, Matt. And I agree with J.Martin #3.

  5. I’m kind of hoping Kavon would cross-post it on R4’08 to keep a balanced debate going Not sure weather I should expect him to do that or not.

  6. murphy

    Hey ACT!

    Kavon banned me. One too many anti-Rudy post. I always wondered when it would happen, but what really surprised me was that Kavon had the gall to say the banning was due to me saying I’d rather see the GOP lose in 2008 than see Rudy win. …yet I can count atleast three people who have said that about Romney. And then a few weeks later he posted a comment saying that he’ll NEVER ban anyone for their opinion. Pretty amazing.

    Just keep that in mind. 🙂 Once you go down the road of pointing out that Rudy’s definition of “strict constructionism” is that Roe is “good constitutional law”, and that it “must” be subsidized by the government…or that Rudy left NYC $16 billion deeper in debt than he found it…then he’ll be eyeing you for a ban too. Tread carefully, and just don’t comment on what you’ll do if Rudy wins the nomination.

    Which he won’t of course! 🙂

  7. Irish Right

    Very nice positive piece, Matt. Quite unlike that crap Reston posted. I’m certainly going to call for Kavon to cross-post.

  8. jrcutler

    Well done ACT, well done!

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