The Most Important Debate So Far

Next Week, the Republican Presidential Candidates will face-off once again on a national stage – this time, in Detroit. The debate that will be held on the ninth is, in my opinion, the most important debate so far, for three reasons. Firstly, the debates are finally starting to get more attention, which means more people will watch. That means that whatever happens will be seen first-hand by more people, and will likely have a bigger effect on the polls, if not the final outcome of the race. Secondly, this is the first debate since Fred Thompson entered the race – meaning that it will be the first to include him, and the public’s first opportunity to see how he performs in a debate and on a stage with opponents. Finally, this race is getting extremely tight, and the last Rasmussen poll to come out had the top three all within five percent of each other. The race between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani is even tighter – only three points separate the two, and that is within the Margin of Error. The race is quickly becoming closer of its own accord, and a strong debate performance by Romney, or a weak performance by Thompson, could hand us a firm three-way tie.

This debate could very well be a major turning point in the race.



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3 responses to “The Most Important Debate So Far

  1. cwpete

    I totally agree with your comments here Matt A.

    You are right by concluding that the debates take on additional importance as the primaries get closer and also since FDT will finally be participating.

    I think expectations for FDT are a bit too high. After all, he is the “conservative” savior. I’ve seen him stumble during many day to day speaking events while stumping on the trail. This all has made me wonder if he will have his game on during the debates as moderators will be challenging him and trying to trick him up.

  2. cwpete

    “The race between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani is even tighter – only three points separate the two,”

    This is very true. I think Romney will gain the upper hand against Rudy over this recent fiscal conservative spat, and may start to pull away from him. I think fiscal conservatism is Romney strongest point therefore he should win most any battle of fiscal conservative issues against any of the Republican contenders.

    As HRC pulls further & further away amongst the liberals, the Republicans outcome looks more uncertain. Romney is looking good, sounding good, and is executing his game plan near perfectly. I think Romney is where he wants to be at this point and as long as the lead in NH holds (and it will), he should be very strong going into Feb 5th super primary.

  3. cwpete

    Want to see something funny?

    Check out here and you’ll see the Ron Paul e-gorillas already jacking the polls:

    Question: ” Who do you think will win next Tuesday night’s debate??

    As of now with over 5300 votes cast, Ron Paul has 73%. The 2nd candidate is FDT with only 2.2% What a laugh!

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