Evangelical Conservatives Drifting Toward Romney

It is starting to appear that, finally, after months of having to listen to how Mitt Romney won’t win the South, about how Evangelicals are bigots, and about how too many people in the Republican Party simply won’t vote for a Mormon, there are some signs that show Evangelical Christians are warming up to, if not openly supporting, Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign. While there is not any specific reason for this to be happening now, I think it is a combination of several factors. These include a relatively unimpressive performance by Fred Thompson and a realization on the part of Social Conservatives that Romney is the candidate who, not only shares their values, but is also an excellent example of said values, and is a very qualified and competent leader.

The Christian Right may have theological differences with Mormons, but I think they are realizing that what a President can do has little or nothing to do with theology, but that he (or she, as the case may be) will have a huge influence on policy. This realization, I believe has convinced Evangelicals to pick fights based on the politics of a person’s positions rather than his religious beliefs. After all, if they were looking for someone who agreed with them on religious faith, they might be better off choosing John Edwards.



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4 responses to “Evangelical Conservatives Drifting Toward Romney

  1. I just wrote on this very subject this morning. I think the evangelical support of Romney should be a no-brainer. Our next president will either be Hillary, Rudy, or Mitt. They need to rally around one. Here is the link if you are interested.

  2. cwpete

    I’m very happy to see that most Evangelicals are now at least willing to support Mr. Romney. Many are coming to the realization that he is the candidate that has lived their values notwithstanding differences of faith. For elections, values should be more important than faith. Romney will be the only candidate with the recourses and organization to challenge Giuliani.

  3. jrcutler

    I just can’t stand the idea of Rudy winning the nomination. I was bothered by Tommy Thompson’s support of Giuliani. I think that voters shouldn’t “settle” for a president, or simply “pick a winner” they should pick someone who shares their values and is competent at the same time. I will breath a sigh of relief if Romney wins, but I will be very disappointed if Rudy somehow gets the nomination. It will probably fracture the party and that will only help the dems more.

  4. I’m an Evangelical who loves Romney. In fact, I’m notorious in some Mormon communities for trying to win them to a dynamic biblical faith in Christ rather than the conventional wisdom of belonging to this church or that to truly follow him.

    Anyway, my support for a Romney presidency is unwavering and passionate. I’ve come to see that the criteria for judging a candidate includes morality, integrity, and principle, rather than spiritual belief. Mormonism certainly is a ideology waaaay out there, but “Go Romney!!!”

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