An Interesting Fact…

You’ll have to excuse the recent lighter blogging, but I’ve been busy with school related things, including the PSAT and other dull material. I hope to be a bit more active starting Thursday.

Anyway, one of the things being discussed on another political site I read was weather the GOP was in danger of losing middle American voters to the socialist-promoting Democrats. During the discussion, an interesting thought occurred to me, and it might explain why liberalism is coming back into favor. The facts is, a majority of America has never spent any lengthy amount of time in the “real world” where Democrats had real control over the U.S. government.

 In case that is confusing, let my simplify it: No American currently alive under the age of 27 has spent more than two years in an America where Democrats controlled both the White House and both Houses of Congress – the only situation where they would be able to force through exclusively liberal policies. You can actually go even further than that, if you accept the idea that people only become really interested in politics around the age of thirty. If you accept that as true, then you can include almost every baby boomer in that group.

 The end result is a majority of Americans who have never experienced a truly liberal government in the United States. This is how I put it on the other site:

“People who really lived and worked under a liberal America are dying off, and being replaced by generations of people who only know the rhetoric, not the dirty secrets it hides.”

as usual, discuss and debate in the comments section.


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  1. Youre halfway to the truth but not quite. I agree with the premise and think we are becoming more liberal. Heres why: Older generations had top tax rates of 91% eventually brought down to 35% in ’86. These generations political upbringing was with high tax rates and a very high regulatory state. In the 1980’s Reagan rolled that back replacing the Keynesian nightmare with a supply side model. (by the way countries like Britain under Thatcher and Australia under a labour government were doing the same thing) In any event high taxes, high regulation, and powerful unions were what my parents generation grew up with.

    William F. Buckley says that for Conservatives, the essential battles have already been won. Theres some truth to that. Thanks to Reagan and Thatcher We have it pretty well and take it for granted. For the under 30’s, taxation and regulation dont affect our daily lives like they did affect the older generations.

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