Brownback Out, Colbert In

Ok, first things first, Sam Brownback is apparently going to drop out of the race. According to the AP, he will announce his decision tomorrow in Kansas. Brownback is a good guy, though his Iraq position ruined any chance he had of getting my support. Still, those issues aside, he did serve to keep a social issues part of the discussion, and does support a conservative – though unlikely to be passed – tax plan.  I have already extended an invitation to a pro-Brownback blogger (I won’t mention any names right now), that, if he is willing to support Romney, that I am willing to give him an authorship position on my blog. I should also mention that this invitation applies to ANY Brownback supporter – no promises, but I am willing to give people a chance at blogging. I got my own start on another site, and feel it is my job to give others the same opportunity.

The second issue that I want to address, and the one that is a bit more humorous, is that comedian Steve Colbert is apparently going to run for President, or so he said on his show. No word on which party he is running in. I’ll have more on this soon.


P.S. – if Brownback does drop out, Mitt Romney will become the leader in Kansas, and will ad its ~40 delegate votes to his total.


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