Romney Closing on Thompson

We will have to wait a couple days to see exactly how yesterday’s debate effects the polls, but for now, Mitt Romney is closing the gap with Fred Thompson. Romney is now within the Margin of error with Thompon, and just 8% behind Rudy Giuliani. Here are the results of the latest Rasmussen GOP primary poll:

 Rasmussen Reports – GOP Presidential Primary

Rudy Giuliani – 24%
Fred Thompson – 19%
Mitt Romney – 16%
John McCain – 12%

Mike Huckabee is fifth with 8%, but I am not sure that I buy the idea that this is now a five-man race. Huckabee, though he has managed to increase his numbers since Ames, he is quickly running out of time to gain any significant support. The Iowa Caucus is only sixty days away, and Huckabee is going to have to make a move soon if he wants to survive. Like I said, we will see what happens.


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One response to “Romney Closing on Thompson

  1. frofreak

    I am beginning to like Huck less and less with each passing day. Having said that, if he has a strong showing in Iowa, it will change the dynamic of this race significantly, and will likely split the SoCon vote enough to ensure a giuliani win. I, for one, do not want to see that happen. Hopefully Huck runs out of dough real soon, most of his support is from people who want to vote for a “good Christian”, apparently regardless of the rest of the package. At least I can’t understand his gaining otherwise. I think that will not be enough for him in hte end. This is about to get really interesting

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