Fred Thompson: Just Another RINO

I’ve openly questioned Fred Thompson’s positions on social issues before, pointing to past statements on abortion as evidence that he may not be any more Conservative than Giuliani on said issues, well, now I know he is no better than Giuliani. Apparently, although he is “personally opposed” to Gay Marriage, he would have no problem allowing states to legalize it. He also attacked the GOP for trying to protect the life of Terry Schiavo – the Florida woman who died after days of being starved of food and water when her husband had her feeding tube removed.

In case anyone hasn’t listened to Mitt Romney on the issue of Gay Marriage (after being governor of MA – where the Supreme Court imposed the institution), its not just about allowing two people to “marry” – it has numerous other unintended consequences. After Gay Marriage was made legal in Massachusetts, the Catholic Church could no longer run an adoption service – because it would only place children in homes with both a mother and a father.

Let me make it completely clear: Fred Thompson is not a Social Conservative, and any Republicans who thought he was needs to think twice before supporting him.



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12 responses to “Fred Thompson: Just Another RINO

  1. So, you didn’t want people just guessing you were an idiot…you wanted to make SURE there was no doubt in their mind!

    If I thought it was a feeble memory that caused you to recall what Fred had said I’ld certainly say so but, you and I both know these are just intentional lies on your part to throw dirt on anyone other than Willard and I can see the reason you would be so desperate to do that. Let’s review shall we??

    * Sen. Larry Craig, who was caught in a Minneapolis bathroom sex sting this summer, was Romney’s Senate liaison.

    * Jay Garrity, who was director of operations for Romney and constantly at the ex-governor’s side, is under investigation in two states for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

    * One-time Romney national finance co-chairman Alan Fabian was charged in a 23-count(!) indictment alleging mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.

    * In addition, Robert Lichfield, Romney’s former Utah finance co-chairman, is the subject of lawsuits alleging abusive treatment at the boarding schools Lichfield founded for troubled youths.

    I’ve got to admit, had I been stupid enough not to check Romney’s record before I supported him, I’ld be a little insane also…hope you get well soon!!

  2. yet, noticably absent from your anti-Romney rant is any reason that Social Conservatives should trust Fred Thompson.

  3. Winghunter-
    If you’ve read Matt A’s blog long enough you will recall that he use to opening support Fred as an excellent alternative to Romney a while back. But as he has learned more about him the prospect of a Thompson presidency has become less desirable, as it has for a lot of us as we come to know Fred a little more.

    I state this just to show that you are way off when you say that Matt A. “throws mud on any other candidate than Willard”. You shouldn’t throw that title ‘idiot’ around so carelessly or you’ll be the one who deserves it.

  4. tommyd4


    You’re being a hypocrit. Mitt Romney has the same position as Thompson concerning Shiavo.

    Reporting on details of an interview of Romney by a local TV station in Florida, the Times quoted Romney objecting to actions like “Terri’s Law” for the same reason he dislikes a pro-active judiciary: “I generally think that it’s not a good idea for courts to legislate. Nor is it great idea for legislatures to adjudicate in a specific circumstance.”

    Meanwhile, Terri Schiavo’s brother Bobby Schindler, a celebrity among religious conservatives, has now endorsed Sam Brownback, lashing out in a statement at Romney’s Schiavo stance. “Mitt Romney’s alleged pro-life conversion evidently does not to apply to all human life,” said Schindler. “The pro-life movement needs a leader we can trust in 2008 and I know Sam Brownback is that leader.”

    I’ve done enough research that I can also nail Romney on completely flipflopping on gay marriage as well. Do you want me to take it on or are you just going to focus on your candidate.

  5. tommyd4

    I have read ACT’s blog since late spring, and he never said Thompson was an excellent alternative. He wanted Thompson to be Romney’s vice president so he wouldn’t have to compete with him in the south. He still bashed Thompson then.

  6. Tommy, I’m not saying he is perfect on everything, I know there are some things I disagree with Romney on – but he is still the best option. That said, the “he is not a social conservative” comment was more directed at the abortion position of Thompson.

    If Brownback had been stronger on the war, I may very well have endorsed him.

    As for Thompson, you are right, I have always seen him as having severe flaws, but wanted a Romney/Thompson ticket so that the GOP could have a clear frontrunner – something we still lack.

  7. Brian

    “After Gay Marriage was made legal in Massachusetts, the Catholic Church could no longer run an adoption service – because it would only place children in homes with both a mother and a father.”

    The fact that expanding the rights of some makes it more difficult for others to discriminate against them is not, nor will it ever be, a valid argument for why said rights should be denied.

  8. The idea that marriage is a “right” is absurd. Marriage is an institution recognized by the government as between a man and a woman because marraiges of that type provide uncalculable benefit to society by producing the next generation and bringing them up in stable, loving homes.

  9. tommyd4

    I usually don’t engage in serious debates away from r408, but I can’t pass up the opportunity for some fun…

    Here’s one of my favorite Romney quotes

    ‘In the 1994 campaign, Romney also proudly labeled himself a moderate. “I’m not a partisan politician,” he said in an interview with The Post that fall. “My hope is that, after this election, it will be the moderates of both parties who will control the Senate, not the Jesse Helmses.”‘

  10. Tommy –

    for the umpteenth time, we know Romney was a moderate in 1994, but that will is 14 years ago. Romney has become more Conservative, I’ve known this from day one. What is you point. Reagan was once a Democrat, so what?

  11. frofreak

    “The fact that expanding the rights of some makes it more difficult for others to discriminate against them is not, nor will it ever be, a valid argument for why said rights should be denied.”

    This is absurd, and I think you know it. Catholic charities is a private religious institution which offers a service by facilitating the adoption of children into good homes. As a private institution ,they have a right to only provide adoptions into families with a mother and father. Is it also discrimination of an all girls college to refuse admittance of boys? Or more on topic, is it discriminatory for the catholic church to provide the eucharist only to those who are indeed baptised into the catholic church? They have religious tenents, they follow them, and have the right to do so. The state has not right to tell them that they have to either go against their religious tenents, or they cannot do adoptions. So it is NOT an issue of expanding rights for one group taking away from the abiltiy of another to discriminate against said group. It is an issue of expanding the rights of one group, taking away rights of another. This is not right, epecially when the alternative (i.e. homosexual couples going to other agencies for adoption services and the Catholic church being allowed to offer the service according to their religious tenents) is a win-win, where no one’s rights are impinged upon. Where is it even implied that homosexual rights includes the right to recieve adoption services from catholic charities?

    BTW, it wasn’t the “legalizing” (it was never “illegal” to begin with) Gay Marriage that caused the infingement on the rights of Catholic Charities. It was Gay Rights advocacy groups that, with their new found polical clout and momentum, took it upon themselves to sue catholic charities for their percieved discrimination. They they just wanted to put them out of business as a PR victory, not to fight for “gay rights”. Especially since no rights were won through the lawsuit. If you think otherwise, I believe you are deluding yourself.

  12. Brian

    NO, Frofreak, your argument is absurd. Yes, the Catholic church is a private institution but they provide adoption services as a state agency. They do not provide the Eucharist as a state agency (and I think you know that). If the Catholic church is relying on state funding to provide services, they must adhere to non-discrimination policies. I think you’re the one deluding yourself believing that the “rights” of the Catholic church are being infringed upon. I’d be interested in reading your arguments about how our laws infringe upon the rights of the KKK. I’m sure you could come up with something.

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