Alright, I accidentally deleted my graphic for the 2007 election, but that is a minor detail. There are only a couple races to cover tonight, so I’m basically using this as a test-run for 2008.

Starting with bad news in the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

There really is no way to spin this as good news, but it is important to note that Fletcher has had corruption problems, so the election of Beshear is not necessarily a sign that Kentucky is moving to the left. Also important to note: Since the GOP picked up the LA Governor’s seat, this does not increase the Democrat’s majority in terms of Governorships.

Next, moving South to Mississippi, with much better results to display:

IMPORTANT: I am calling this election because the local and national media are calling it. Barbour has won easily, and by (according to the AP) a much larger margin than I listed here. The AP has Barbour winning by more than 20%, but, since I don’t have any other actual results, I am using the numbers from the 9:18 PM update.

There is one other election that I want to show the results of, more to make a point than because of any major national effects. The following results are from the town of Berkley, MI, and it was a proposal to change the city charter to require a Nativity Scene be put up in the front of city hall.  Now, this is not exactly the Bible belt, and I am not totally family with the demographics in that city, even though it is relatively close to where I live.  Unfortunately, the amendment failed, meaning that the Nativity scene will once again be displayed at a nearby church instead. While national effects, as I said, are basically none, I think it is time that the GOP officially add a plank to the party platform that would  call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect public displays of religion. Maybe I’m blowing it out of size, but I see this vote as a defeat for people of faith and people who love religious freedom. Here are the results:

Alright, feel free to comment. Next Stop: The Iowa Caucus

P.S. – if there is anyone skilled with photoshop and/or another image program, and who is interested in a project, let me know – I no longer have my Photoplus 7 program, and have been working with an earlier version with much less capability, and it is not meeting my needs (and I’m cheap)


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