Mike Huckabee on Immigration

Helping illegals achieve their dreams, giving government aid to those who entered our country illegally, portraying illegals as victims rather than law-breakers, it all sounds like what you would find in a typical liberal stump speech, possibly made by John Edwards or Hillary Clinton, right? Wrong. Those things arebread-and-butter liberal arguments made in support of Amnesty, but, at least in this situation, they were coming from the mouth of Mike Huckabee – the man trying to portray himself as the “true Conservative” in the GOP race.

The Arkansas Journal has the video:


Now, first of all, I’m not sure why a person’s race is even relevant to ANY political discussion. Secondly, Huck’s call for us to open “both our doors and our opportunities” reveals him for what he really is – just another open-borders liberal. Thirdly, this video proves that Mike Huckabee is more concerned about helping illegals achieve their “dreams” – no matter how many laws they break along the way – than he is about upholding and enforcing U.S. law.

If that weren’t bad enough, Mike Huckabee also supported a bill in Arkansas that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licences. Once again, from the Arkansas Journal:

“In other action Tuesday, the House rejected a bill that would allow the issuance of Arkansas driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The vote on House Bill 2212 by Rep. Tracy Steele, D-North Little Rock, was 46-46, with 51 votes needed to pass the bill. HB2212, which remains available for House consideration, would amend Act 1099 of 1997, which enumerates various conditions under which a driver’s license can’t be issued by the state Office of Driver Services. HB2212 would delete the act’s provision that bans the issuing of a license to someone ‘who is making an initial application for an Arkansas driver’s license and who is not lawfully within the United States” or to “any person who is not lawfully within the United States.’ Steele and other proponents of HB2212 said Hispanics, both legally and illegally in the United States, have been discriminated against when attempting to obtain a driver’s license on the basis of their skin color or accent. Because employees of the Office of Driver Services may lack the training or expertise to determine if an applicant is an illegal immigrant, Steele said that status shouldn’t be a condition of obtaining a license.” (Michael Wickline, “Senate OKs Plan To Raise Teacher Pay,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/14/01)

The original intent of that bill may not have been to give drivers licences to illegal aliens, but it is very clear that that is EXACTLY what it would have done, and I have a feeling that Huckabee was fine with that.

When you add his dismal record on immigration to charges of nanny-stating, and a liberal fiscal history, is it any wonder that some are starting to call Huckabee a “false Conservative”?


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