Mormon Speech? Not so much.

Yesterday night I reported – via several other sources – that Romney would be delivering his “Mormon speech” this Thursday at the GHWB Presidential Library. Well, it appears that that may have been a little untrue, according to clarifications made by the Romney campaign, this speech will NOT be about Romney’s Religion in particular, but will instead be a broader speech about faith in America in general.

 I’ve decided not to embark on the week-long pre- and post- speech coverage that I announced yesterday, since this speech no longer appears to be the big deal it was made up to be last night. I will, however, post highlights of the speech – and any analysis from major political watchers.



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6 responses to “Mormon Speech? Not so much.

  1. I wish it was a mormon speech… I would love for him to explain to the people that God was a man from the planet Kolab, that became a God and came to earth to populate it with spirit children… I have lived with Mormons for over a year and been forced to study way more into their religion than I had desired to, but what can you say? Know thy enemy…

    tim kurek

  2. startingtolearn



    I’m a Mormon living in Utah and mostly only consider criminals and drug dealers as “the enemy”.

    Maybe you could explain how a people who are trying to follow the example of Jesus Christ are the enemy.

    Also, if you live here, surely you understand that things such as Kolob aren’t central doctrines of the Church. Faith, Hope and Charity are though.

  3. Ever heard the saying that the best lie is 99% truth? Well there is the Mormon religion in a nutshell. The beliefs that Adam in the Garden was actually God the Father, the beliefs that there are tree sects of heaven and no literal hell, the fact that you believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, who just happened to be impregnated by God, physically, and the fact that The Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, Doctrines and Covenants contain not only plagiarism from the KJV Bible, but also MANY contradictions with the Bible, make your faith very suspect. Yes you preach Faith Hope and Love, but the doctrines that are the foundation for that faith hope and love come from a false place. I love every Mormon I know, for their morality, their friendliness, and their willingness to share what they believe, it is just so sad that they have thrown the most important words from God, the Bible, to the wayside in favor of a book that can not be historically and geographically proven. You say that Kolab is not a central doctrine, but it is! Saying that God was a man from a planet far far away that became a God has NO SCRIPTURAL BASIS. God is the same yesterday today and forever… HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOD.

    I know you whole heartedly believe this and I am sorry for being so blunt, but the Bible tells us that we are to test the spirits and as I have researched your faith from the Mormon standpoint first and then the non Mormon standpoint, and the Spirit has confirmed the latter to be true. Do not undermine the importance of fundamental doctrine and orthodoxy… If your religion did not contradict so dramatically the “first” major revelation, then it would hold more water. We do not worship the same God or the same Jesus, no matter what any Mormon may say.

  4. frofreak

    The best lie is 99% truth? So what does that make what you write, which is maybe 25%? Food for thought. And please don’t pretend that you were ever a mormon, as in “I have researched your faith from the Mormon standpoint first and then the non Mormon standpoint, and the Spirit has confirmed the latter to be true”. Any mormon can tell from what you write that you have only ever studied mormonism from the outside. A bit deceptive, IMO, and hardly christian.

  5. frofreak

    woops, I screwed up the bold tag, but you get the point.

  6. frofreak,

    I went to a ward for a year, went through all the talks with the missionaries, read Joseph Smith’s journal, the book of mormon, the pearl of great price, d&c, and read hundreds of talks given by the apostles and prophets. I have also watched quite a few of your movies, and have spent a lot of time with my local wards stake presidents. Please don’t try to assume that I didn’t give your faith a fair chance… All of those things I did praying “Lord open my heart to the truth, if this be it!”. What I say above stands, it is true, and based off your comment I am wrong, yet you didn’t mention one thing I was wrong on. Every example I listed is basic mormon doctrine accepted and adhered to by all of the mormons I know. Wanna know the funniest thing? Nothing I read from the non mormon standpoint told me anything I hadn’t already questioned ahead of time. Did you hear me mentioning the kinderhook plates, or any of the other common attacks that are made on you? No. If you are going to respond, put some time into your response, otherwise please do not bother.

    tim kurek

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