Rudy’s Firewall Flame-out

For months, supporters of Rudy Giuliani have been claiming that, in order to win the GOP nomination, the only thing Giuliani had to do was win Florida, the last early-primary state. According to their theory, as long as he won Florida, he would be able to enter into Super Tuesday with his win freshest in voters’ minds, allowing him to capture the most delegates on Super Tuesday, recover from early set-backs, and win the nomination. Florida was supposed to be Rudy’s firewall, his must-win. Well, Rudy Giuliani no longer leads in Florida, in fact, he is not even in second place. Here is the poll:

Rasmussen Florida GOP Primary

Mike Huckabee 27% (9%)
Mitt Romney 23% (19%)
Rudy Giuliani 19% (27%)
Fred Thompson 9% (16%)
John McCain 6% (10%)
Ron Paul 4% (5%)
Some other candidate 2% (2%)

We will see what happens, but things are starting to look very serious for Giuliani, and this race is quickly shaping up to be two man race between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee – and, in that case, I think Romeny has the upper hand.


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