A True Martyr

 She was a mother, a wife, and a leader, and now, she is a martyr for the cause of freedom and democracy. Fmr. Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was killed this morning at a political rally – just months after she returned home to participate in the democratic process.

In an age where suicide bombings and terrorist attacks are familiar occurrences, the word “martyr”  has become part of many American’s vocabulary, but rarely, if ever, do we hear it used in the correct way. A true martyr is not a murderous thug who seeks to kill innocent women and children, but a respectable person who is suffers for a righteous cause. In this sense, Bhutto was a martyr for the causes of Democracy and Freedom in that region of the world. She vocally opposed Jihadism, and that was likely what lead to hear death. She was not immune to problems, including corruption, but she would have no doubt been an important ally in the War on Terror had she lived to hold political office.

When I heard about her death this morning, I tried to find a quote or religious reference that I could include in this post. Since Bhutto was Muslim, I tried to find something from her religion, this is what I came up with, relating to eternal life after death:

“Do not say, ‘They are dead!’ about anyone who is killed for God’s sake. Rather they are living, even though you do not notice it.”          – Qur’an 2.154

The best we can do now is hope that this won’t spark a larger regional conflict.


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