Huckabee – Four Slip-ups in 48 Hours

Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee has had a miserable last couple of days. It all started Wednesday when Huckabee comitted one of the mortal sins of hunting – by firing directly at another person:

Republican Mike Huckabee took his presidential campaign for a quick pheasant-hunting expedition in Iowa on Wednesday, and at one point, a reporter asked why he hadn’t invited sporting enthusiast Dick Cheney along. “Because I want to survive all the way through this,” Huckabee replied, in a chuckling dig at the vice president’s accidental shooting of a quail-hunting partner last year.

Any good sportsman, though, couldn’t miss a distinctly Cheneyesque moment in the press accounts of the former Arkansas governor’s morning hunt: At one point, Huckabee’s party turned toward a cluster of reporters and cameramen and, when they kicked up a pheasant, fired shotgun blasts over the group’s heads.

Now, I’ve never actually been hunting, but I did go through at least one Boy Scout camp when I was younger, and I can say that the first thing they tell you is that you should never point a gun – much less fire it – at another person. This bone-headed move shows that Huckabee must have slept through his gun safety class, and it got a lot of criticism from many.

Less that 24 hours later, the situation had done a complete 180 after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. In his statement, he “apologized” for the attack, and then called for the U.S. to account for our aid money to Pakistan – as if Bhutto had been accused of theft rather than assassinated. He also questioned whether Martial Law would be “continued” – when, in reality, it was ended a while ago. A small mis-speak? Maybe, but if so, its becoming a habit with him – keep reading to see what I mean.

Also yesterday, Huckabee made another fairly large mistake when it comes to Pakistan – by placing it on the wrong part of the map:

“GOV. HUCKABEE: People who questioned my view of foreign policy probably need go back and read the speech that I delivered back in Washington in September. I talked about Pakistan and the delicate situation and the fact that at that time when the three people, Sharif, Bhutto, and Musharraf all in the bid for the leadership position, how delicate it was and how while Bhutto probably brought the most pro-American position, both she and Sharif brought essentially centrist and secular perspectives to the government. We have seen what happen in the Musharraf government, he has told us he does not have enough control of those eastern borders near Afghanistan to be able go after the terrorists. But on the other hand, did he not want us going in.”

In reality, Afghanistan is to the WEST of Pakistan. Another small mistake, maybe, but if the President can’t get simple geography right, he is going to spend his entire term doing damage control, or else look like a complete joke.

His final (so far) slip-up in the last two days is a little bit more than that, and involves an – extremely un-funny – “joke” about the amount of cash the different campaigns have spent. If someone else wrote his lines, they need to be fired, if Huck came up with this on his own, he needs to appologize for making a joke out of suicide:


Not a good couple of days for Huck.


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