Act Media

 As most of my readers know, I have, over the course of the 2008 election, produced a few political ads for the website. The last ad I ran, which exposed Huckabee’s liberal record on several major issues has already pulled in almost 2,500 views. While not a blowout by Youtube standards, it is a good first step.

Thanks to the success of that ad, and a new video-editing program I got for Christmas, I have decided to continue producing ads, not only about candidates, but also about issues facing the country. I’ve created a new Youtube channel for the ads, which can be found here. The first (and so far only) ad is another ad to expose Mike Huckabee for what he really is:

 Stay tuned, more ads are in the works. As usual, I will accept ideas and, if you have an ad of your own, I’ll open up the possibility of adding it to the channel.

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  1. Here’s a great ad!

    Mitt Romney: Pandering for America.

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