Debate Fallout: Romney Soars, McCain Falls Flat

I didn’t offer much pre-event coverage of the debate tonight, but I will be more than making up for that in this post. I can say two things right now: Firstly, Romney won, and it wasn’t all that close. His mastery of the issues, and his composure in the face of endless attacks – most of them personal, gave him a big win. This is a double-header tonight, so we are going to have to wait for the official spin, although Dick Morris (a strong Huckabee supporter) did give the win to Mitt. Secondly, McCain, in my opinion, seriously damaged himself. I don’t know if it will come in time to seriously damage his New Hampshire numbers, but he came off as such a rude, arrogant, childish…well, you fill in the rest…that many people are going to be turned off. I don’t believe it would be beyond reason to say that, over the last two hours, McCain went from being a respected and experienced statesman to being a bitter and angry old man. His numerous attacks on Romney – almost exclusively personal, and almost exclusively false and/or irrelevant, did not hurt Romney, at least not in my eyes, or the eyes of most of the non anti-Romney folks on the blogs. I can’t repeat most of the things McCain was called – because it would violate my policy of keeping my posts age-appropriate. What I can say is that McCain did not win any new friends, and he lost a few – if what some people were saying is any indication. What McCain did tonight was spin a twisted web of lies, personal attacks, and distortions, all while avoiding the kind of relevant, issues-oriented discussion that Americans should expect from those who want to lead our nation for the next eight years. I’ll have more on how the individual candidates did later.

There are a few videos that I want to show you from the debate, but I’ll keep it to links since too many videos can slow down the site:

Mitt Romney schools Ron Paul on Radical Jihadism
Mitt Romney stresses the importance of strength on all fronts
Mitt Romney on the need to reform our immigration system
Mitt Romney on change

 There is a lot more that can be said about the debate, but I am going to redirect you to the Romney website. They have more videos, and commentary from the number people who believe Go. Romney was the winner tonight.

P.S. There is another debate tomorrow night, but I may be spending the day at the Romney campaign HQ in Detroit, so I may or may not be able to blog after the debate – it may have to wait until Monday afternoon.


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