McCain Still Wants Amnesty

Before last night’s debate, I was close to saying that John McCain would have been an acceptable Republican nominee under certain circumstances. He would have remained far from being my favorite, but I thought, that, with his assurances that he would extend the Bush tax cuts, and his statements that he had “changed” and “learned his lesson” on immigration, I thought that he would at least be someone I could tolerate. The debate yesterday changed that. What McCain showed last night was not only that he was an angry and bitter man, but also that he still wanted to legalize the millions upon millions of illegal immigrants who are in this country. When asked if he still supported the same plan for illegal immigrants, McCain said he did.

Amnesty would be a disaster for this country. Not only would it send the message that the United States has no intention of enforcing its laws, but it would create a massive influx of new citizens – most of whom lack the kind of necessary skill or education to participate in the modern economy. Legalizing so many of these people at once would create a huge burden on both our economy and our social services.  Amnesty is unacceptable, as is any candidate who supports it. I would be very difficult for me to support McCain – even up against a candidate like Hillary or Obama.


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  1. lynn

    It’s interesting that my husband and I had the very same take as you did. Following the Iowa caucus my daughter called and asked who we would be willing to support if Romney was not running. I asked my husband and he immediately said “McCain”. I kind of agreed and I called my daughter back and gave her our opinion. Last night after watching the debates my husband had completely changed his mind. We both feel that McCain does not have the temperament to be president. He came across to us as mean and ugly. There we were ready to switch to him if Romney was out, but now-no way. We have no confidence that he could work with others to bring about important important legislation, or to work with leaders from other countries.

    So Huckabee gets an absolutely not vote from us, McCain is out, Guiliani doesn’t have the morals we want or need in a president, Fred Thompson is too tired. Oh My Gosh…Romney just has to make it.

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