Nice Endorsements for Romney

Actually, there were a whole host of nice endorsements for Romney, including a major figure with a Michigan Home Schooling group, an extremely popular mayor, and the Sheriff of Livingston Country (if you don’t know where that is, hold up your left hand – palm facing away from you, and imagine it as a map of Michigan. Livingston County would be on the side of the thumb, near the point where your hand and arm are joined.) The big endorsements, however, came from two large newspapers in the state – the Grand Rapids Press, and my Oakland Press – my local paper. These papers each reach more than 200,000 people. Here are highlights:

The Grand Rapids Press

“Many issues will confront the nation in the next four years, from the ongoing threat of terrorism to the need to find a sensible immigration policy. For Michigan, however, one challenge dominates: the economy. We stand at a critical moment, bearing on our backs a worst-in-the-nation unemployment rate, staring at an uncertain future.”

“Among Republicans on the ballot in Tuesday’s presidential primary, two candidates would offer solid leadership, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. However, when it comes to Michigan’s challenges and needs, the passion and knowledge of Mr. Romney tip the scales in his favor.”

The Oakland Press

“We urge Republican Party faithfuls to stand up and vote for Mitt Romney. Although technically not a home state ‘favorite son,’ his ties to Michigan are strong.

“Meanwhile, Mitt Romney certainly has the credentials to run the country. He is a former Massachusetts governor who turned that state’s economy around and proved to be a more than able leader.

“Looking at the obvious, Romney entered the 2008 race with impressive backing in Michigan, and his ties to the state are undeniable. He has firsthand knowledge of the auto industry and its importance to Michigan.

“Equally critical, Romney knows how to get a state out of debt and, being from Michigan, he certainly has an empathy for the state that the other candidates, both GOP and Democratic, don’t have.

“With Michigan’s horrible economy and other problems, we need as much clout in Washington as possible and Romney promises to give us that.

“But there’s no doubt whom state Republicans should vote for – Mitt Romney.”

This really is great news for Governor Romney – and could go a long way in helping him pull off Michigan. After that, its on to Nevada, Florida, and the convention – which, as I will explain in an upcoming post, could very well decide who the nominee is.

more to come later.


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One response to “Nice Endorsements for Romney

  1. Scott Silver

    This is great news. I wish I lived in Michigan so that I could vote for Romney — and as an Ohio State alumnus and Buckeyes fan, it takes a lot to make me wish I lived in Michigan! 😉

    Kidding aside, Romney is the only competent businessman and truly brilliant man running for Prez this year. We need him desperately.

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