Romney Takes Nevada – Paul Takes Second

Mitt Romney

Well, that took longer than I expected. After nearly five hours, Republicans in Nevada have still not managed to count all the votes. They have, however, counted enough to allow me to officially call the state for Mitt Romney. About 80% of the votes are in, and it looks like Mitt Romney will get 4x the support of his nearest competitor, who, at least right now, is not John McCain, but Rep. Ron Paul.

So, what now? Well, South Carolina votes today as well, and we should have results in from there in a couple hours or so (it might take longer, McCain is seeking a court order to extend voting time). After that, we might see a shakeup if Thompson drops out, and then the race moves to Florida (actually, it already has, Romney was on his way to FL when the NV voting happened). FL is a close race, and Romney’s momentum, combined with new worries about the Economy, could give him a boost. We’ll see what happens, but I like out chances. GO MITT!!!


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