McCain is Unacceptable…

…and I don’t just mean in the primaries. If John McCain becomes the Republican nominee, he won’t be getting my vote., and hopefully, he won’t get yours.  Even in a contest against Clinton or Obama, he is not an appealing – or even preferable – option.

While it may sound strange, or even traitorous, I have come to believe that there are worse things for the country, not to mention the Republican party, than four years of a Democrat. America has experienced Democratic Presidents in the past, and will undoubtedly experience them again. Liberal policies are not going anywhere anytime soon, and the best way to defend the country from those policies is to have a Strong and healthy Conservative opposition – either in the minority or the majority.

The Republican party is currently in an identity crisis, as well as an internal power struggle between the moderates (who want to move the party to the center) and the Conservatives (who want to return to Reaganite policies of strong defense, a strong economy, and strong families). There is simply no better display of this struggle than the close contest between Mitt Romney and John McCain. A victory in the primaries by McCain, followed by a victory in the general, I believe, would severely tilt the battle in favor of the moderates – and that would do far more lasting damage than having a Democrat in the White House. Not only would it damage the Conservative movement, but it would allow liberal to push many of their policies with the support of, or little opposition from, the other party. Conservatives must stop this from happening, and the best way to do that is by stopping McCain from getting into the White House – even if that means accepting a Democrat for four years.

Conservatism can survive a Democrat, I’m not sure that it could survive a takeover of the Republican party by McCain-style centrists.



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2 responses to “McCain is Unacceptable…

  1. Richard Knecht

    Anyone contemplating a vote for McCain becuase he is “the most electable”, must read this

  2. I won’t be voting for John McCain, ever.

    Don’t accept any substitutes. Vote for Governor Mitt Romney for real, positive change. Just say NO! to John McAmnesty!

    Go Mitt Go!

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