Romney for President – 2012 Edition

Well, what has been a magnificent, miraculous, and inspiring run, has come to an end. What started as an announcement by a little-known Governor in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, and continued with an amazing victory at the Ames Straw Poll, has ended a little more than a year after it began at the 2008 Conservative Political Action Conference.  Against incredible odds, against attacks from both the left and the right, against three household names, and against almost the entire media – including the normally-conservative Fox News, Mitt Romney, his campaign, and his supporters managed to take his campaign from single digits in national polls to the support of nearly a third of the GOP, and victories in eleven states, and, despite the disappointing and disheartening ending this time, I have a strong feeling that Romney is not done – and that he is more than open to running again in 2012. His words make it clear that he is not done with public life, and his actions suggest that he is planning on another run for office – since there is a progression to these things, the Presidency is really the only other place for him to go.

I’ll have another post about this tomorrow – but unless I am very wrong, we have not seen the last of Mitt Romney, and I think he is setting himself up for a replay of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 comeback – where he won the nomination after being defeated in his quest for the nomination in 1976.


With any luck, and I’ll say more about this tomorrow, I’ll be able to announce another endorsement of Mitt in less than three years.


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