The Other Side

What is it, exactly, that makes Democrats so bad? After all, many average voters see no difference between the two parties – believing both of them to be corrupt, more concerned about holding on to power, and generally disconnected from the average American. While these arguments are not entirely baseless, they ignore the real and fundamental differences in the ideologies and executions of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with the Democrats – aside from their liberal positions, which I’ll cover tomorrow – is the hypocrisy between what they say and what they do. They claim to want to fix education, but rarely, if ever, are they willing to oppose the teacher’s unions who often stand in the way of lasting solutions. They claim to “feel” for the average American who has to pay high gas prices, yet they continue to support environmental regulations that make gas more expensive, and oppose drilling that could help to ease supply problems. They campaigned against an unproductive and overly partisan Republican Congress, only to take a vacation – or sue the President – while a vital wiretapping bill went un-acted upon. They Campaigned against a “Culture of Corruption”, yet continued to support candidates like William Jefferson (D-LA). They claim to be on the side of the poor, uneducated, urban minorities, but have been unwilling to take action against illegal immigration – who often hurt those groups the most. If the positions of the Democrats were not enough to disqualify them as good choices to lead the country into the future, then their hypocrisy should be.

More to come.


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  1. majorfactor

    You want to talk of hypocrisy ….

    For the past 7 years the Republicans have done more damage to Conservatism than the Democrats could have ever dreamed possible.

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