Rass. Poll: McCain/Obama in Tight Race in New Jersey

The 2008 Election Page will be up soon, but until then, I’ll post important polls on the front page. The first poll that I’m adding is New Jersey. Although its a Democratic State in an area that was a very solid for the Democrats in past elections, McCain actually has the advantage right now. Its a small lead, and its still very early, but maybe our chances for 2008 are better than many make them out to be. Here is the poll

John McCain (R) – 45%
Brack Obama (D) – 43%


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One response to “Rass. Poll: McCain/Obama in Tight Race in New Jersey

  1. majorfactor

    Who hasn’t been following the political polls?
    Let me rephrase that.
    Who hasn’t been fooled by the political polls?

    Pollsters are like weatherman…

    They predict using what tools they have available and for the most part pollsters have nothing but a crystal ball at their disposal and a cloudy one at that.

    Polls use to inform, not influence.
    Polls use to be a reliable source of information, now they seem to have become a source of entertainment.

    If the poll shows anything (excluding the error of margin) -it shows John McCain can get the liberal vote.

    But to secure the keys to the White House John McCain needs the die hard conservative vote to win, something he lacks.

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