The ACT Blog Endorses John McCain for President of the United States

You can call it luck, or fate, or whatever else you like, but John Sidney McCain III is now the Republican nominee for the Presidency of the United States. By winning all four states holding contests this evening, McCain has climbed above the level of 1191 delegates – making him our nominee. I have stated before that we have to reject the idea that any Republican is inherently better than any other candidate, and we do. However, in this case, John McCain is better than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. He is not perfect, but he is preferable, and for that reason, he has received the endorsement of Project 25. Along with the endorsement, I encourage him to choose a Conservative VP who can unite the party, and serve as an “heir apparent” in the next open contest – which could very well be four years from now in 2012.

As during the primary race, and before, I have differences of opinion with McCain on many key issues, including the environment, immigration, and others, and my positions are not changed by this endorsement. Where John McCain and myself agree, I will support him. On issues where we disagree, I will oppose him, just as I would any other politician. But tonight is not the time to talk about our differences, or to argue about the issues, or to talk about what might have been. Tonight is the time for every Republican to unite behind our nominee, and to offer our help, support, and assistance to the next President of the United States, Senator John Sidney McCain.



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2 responses to “The ACT Blog Endorses John McCain for President of the United States

  1. majorfactor

    I agree – only to disagree.

    Republicans unite.
    Conservatives stay firm.

    Winning isn’t victory – when you sacrifice your principles and beliefs.

    Question – Would you endure 4 years of a Jimmy Carter for 8 years of a Ronald Reagan?

  2. crittersparents

    If anyone needs a reason to vote for John McCain check out this link!

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