Its 3:00 AM…

As I’m sure most of you have seen, the Clinton Campaign recently produced a television ad that took America back to the days of the infamous “Red Phone”, and asked a simple question: “Who do you want answering the call?” In case you haven’t already seen the ad, I’ve posted a copy below:

Now, thanks to Rasmussen Reports, the American public has provided a simple answer to that simple question; although, its probably not the answer that Clinton, Obama, or any of the Democrats wanted to hear – because, by almost a 2-1 margin, the man Americans want answering the crisis phone is Republican nominee John McCain. Of course that won’t come as any surprise to Republicans, but it might be a bit of a nasty shock for Hillary.

We’ll see if she tries another ad like this, but I doubt she will – I think she’ll get the message that neither of the Democratic candidates are the #1 pick on security issues. 


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  1. majorfactor

    The “Red Phone / 3AM” ad, so far, was the best John McCain ad I have seen.

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