So This is How the Democrats Define “Rich”

Democrats have long called the Bush tax cuts “tax cuts for the rich”, and promised to repeal those “tax cuts for the rich” when they regained control of the congress. All this, without ever providing a definition of what they considered “rich”. Well, now they’ve finally provided that definition, but I’m not sure they are going to find many people who agree with them. Under the budget being proposed by the Democrats, taxes for anyone making over $31,850 per year could see their tax rates go up. Not only is $31,850 the normal definition of rich, but it is BELOW the median income, meaning that more than half of all Americans would see a tax hike if the budget were to pass.

Well, at least we know why the Democrats keep saying the middle class is shrinking – they keep defining most of the middle class as “rich”.

Maybe if Democrats spent more time trying to help families rather than trying to protect terrorists, they’d actually have some credibility.


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