Hoogendyk Prepares to Challenge Levin

Michigan State Representative Jack Hoogendyk – a third-term Representative who describes himself as an “overpaid government official” and says he likes “any book about Ronald Reagan” has launched his bid to replace Carl Levin (D) as a U.S. Senator. Levin will be seeking his sixth term in the Senate,  but he could be hurt by the extremely low approval ratings of Democratic Governor Granholm (which have dipped as low as 32% in the last five months).

Hoogendyk’s blog gives us some insight into what the main focus of his campaign could end up being – taxes and spending. This could have some pull against Levin, who has repeatedly voted against tax cuts in the Senate. He could also provide a sharp contrast on social issues – Hoogendyk previously worked for a faith-based organization that provided assistance to women and families experiencing unexpected pregnancies. Levin is a social liberal who opposed restrictions on abortion, gay marriage, and stem cell research.

Hoogendyk’s website is up, but its still in the opening stages, containing only his biography, email addresses, and a couple of links. I’ll keep checking it and let you know if there are any updates.


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    This would be great if we could take Michigan

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