He’s at it Again – Carter to Meet With Terrorist Leader

It would probably not be a stretch of the truth to call Jimmy Carter the worst American President of the last 100 years. Not only did Carter oversee one of the worst economic periods since the Great Depression, but his foreign policy was a miserable failure. True, he did negotiate a peace between Israel and Egypt, but his disastrous handling of the Iran crisis is probably the reason that country is still an Islamic dictatorship that is trying to get nuclear weapons.

Yet, for some reason, President Carter still seems to think of himself as some kind of unquestionable authority on the Middle East, and unfortunately, he has taken it a step further – and is reportedly planning to meet with the leaders of Hamas, a group that is considered to be one of the biggest terrorist threats by the U.S. Government. Fox News has the story:

“The Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Carter was planning a trip to Syria for mid-April, during which he would meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, on April 18.

Deanna Congileo, Carter’s press secretary, confirmed in an e-mail to FOXNews.com that Carter will be in the Mideast in April. Pressed for comment, Congileo did not deny that the former president is considering visiting Meshal.”

Now, first of all, Jimmy Carter is the LAST person I want to send on any kind of Middle East trip. But, more importantly, no person, short of the President, has any business conducting meetings that threaten to change (or undermine) our international policy, and that is exactly what this kind of meeting does.


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