In Louisiana, Republicans Look for a Senate Pick-up

Of all the places where Republicans could make electoral gains, you would expect Louisiana,  hard hit by Hurricane Katrina more than two years ago (an event which the Democrats attempted to blame on the President and national GOP), to be at the bottom of the list.  But if Louisiana voters are still thinking about Katrina, they are directing their wrath in other directions – local officials, who, in all reality, are probably more responsible for the immediate response anyway. Governor Blanco was ousted last year, and now Republicans have a very good shot at unseating Senator Landrieu. State Treasurer John Kennedy (no relation to the MA political family), a former Democrat, is running unopposed in the GOP primary, and, while no poll has been conducted since the middle of December, he is just four points behind Landrieu. Its worth noting that a slightly older poll, a Kennedy iinternal, showed him leading by seven points. Both polls showed more than enough undecideds to swing the race in either direction.

Obviously things can and will change in the six months between now and the general election, but a victory in Louisiana could go a long way in keeping Democratic gains to a minimum, and getting the Senate back in 2010 or 2012.



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2 responses to “In Louisiana, Republicans Look for a Senate Pick-up


    You are correct, this is our best chance for a Senate pick-up.

  2. The New Republican Party (neo-cons) are not going to gain control of the senate or the whitehouse. They have let a small group of far right radicals destroy their reputation as a party for the people. The party that was supposed to support the working middle class.

    They have destroyed this trust and i expect a landslide victory for the Democrats unless G.W. and company pull off another 9-11 to scare the people again.

    Your neo-con blank check is almost over.

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