Rice Out of VP Race

Note: I will be out of town this weekend, and unable to post on the blog. I’ll be back Sunday night or Monday morning. Until then, www.race42008.com will have all the political headlines you need.


Just weeks after it looked like Condi Rice may have been trying to put herself on John McCain’s VP shortlist, she has made it very clear that she has no desire, intention, or expectation of being on the Republican ticket in the fall.

“Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sought to end speculation Monday that she might be a vice-presidential running mate for Senator John McCain. While praising Mr. McCain, Republican of Arizona, Ms. Rice said in an interview, “I don’t want to be, don’t intend to be, won’t be on the ticket.”

Of course, Rice was never at the top of the list, and even McCain admitted his surprise about her apparent interest when the story broke. Though she is an unquestionably intelligent and capable woman, a pro-choice candidate who lacks economic and executive experience, and would serve mainly to underline the less popular policies of the Bush administration is an extremely poor pick for the Republican VP – at least when the nominee is already going to have a hard enough time with the base to begin with.

But there were some – particular those who believe that picking a woman or minority could help us – who believed that Rice would be a good pick. Well, if she was on the list a week ago, she isn’t now.


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