D-Day for the Democrats: The Pennsylvania Primary

In less than twelve hours, Pennsylvania Democrats will begin casting their votes for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Though its impossible for either candidate to secure enough delegates to win the nomination tomorrow, the results of the election could very well decide if the Democrats have a nominee before the convention. A big win by Clinton, which probably means a margin of more than 10%, could give the Clinton campaign, which is currently suffering from calls to drop out and funding shortages, one last chance. Obama still leads in the delegate and popular vote counts, and its unlikely that Clinton will catch him in either, but if she can post a strong enough showing to give her momentum, she might be able to make the case to the Super Delegates to prevent Obama from clinching before a floor fight in Denver. That said, a smaller win in this state where Clinton once led by more than 15 points would only increase the calls for her to drop out, and a win by Obama would effectively end the race.

What will happen? I’m not sure – but in less than a day we should know whether the Democrats are headed for a quick end to their race, or the first split convention since the 1950s, which, by coincidence, was also on the Democratic side.


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