Where do the Democrats go From Here?

With the Indiana and North Carolina primaries now in the past, and the convention getting ever closer, the question has to be asked: “where do the Democrats go from here?” Whileits looking increasingly likely that Clinton and  Obama will both walk out with a victory (as expected), it also is looking increasingly likely that Obama will deliver a solid thumping in NC while Hillary eeks out IN – obviously benefiting Obama and increasing the calls for Hillary to quit. Hillary doesn’t seem to agree, of course, but come June 4th, when all the votes have been counted,she may find that Super Delegates forcing her out, and, while I would love to see the Democrats bloody each other up for the next three months, I have to agree that, once all the votes have been counted, there is no good reason for the Supers to allow it to go on.

COMING SOON: Do new developments in the Republican Veepstakes indicate that John McCain is likely to choose Romney as his running mate? They just might.


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