Republicans Must Make the Debate About Party Affiliation

In a year where the Republican party is highly unpopular, telling GOP candidates to turn the debate back to party affiliation might sound like telling them to commit Political Suicide. One of the most commonly-shared pieces of advice has been for GOP hopefuls to get as far from the party brand as possible. At the same time, Democrats have succeeded in taking several Conservative districts by running pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun candidates.

…and ultimately, that is why party identification must be brought up. It must be made clear that a Democrat can be as Conservative as he or she wants, but because they help the DNC stay in power, the only purpose they serve is to advance the liberal agenda – even if they are opposed to virtually every major part of that agenda. A Democratic candidate might be pro-life, but, because they keep Democrats in control, they prevent any pro-life bills from coming to a vote. A candidate might be pro-gun, but because they help Democrats stay in control, they prevent gun rights from being expanded. They might be pro-family, but because they keep Democrats in control, the only help to advance the anti-values agenda supported by the radical left. They might be pro-war, but all they do is make it easier for Democrats to drag their feet when it comes to supporting the troops.

There are plenty of moderate Democrats running for re-election, many of whom have vastly different stances than the national party, but all of whom are only a hindrance to the Conservative positions they do support. Republicans don’t need to move to the center to win, and they don’t need to resign themselves to defeat, but they do need to go into the districts and states currently held by moderate Democrats, and say “We support the same things, but a Democrat-dominated Congress is never going to advance the Conservative agenda.”


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