Republicans Should Seize High Gas Prices as Issue #1

While Americans are, in part, angry at Republicans because of scandal and the war, one of the single biggest reasons that Republicans were voted out of office two years ago was because many blamed the party for their personal economic woes – primarily, high energy prices. At the time the Democrats won the midterm elections, oil was running between $60-70 per barrel. Since then, prices have more than doubled, and gas prices have followed closely behind. The Democrats’ promise to ease the pain at the pump was an empty promise – not only have prices moved in the completely opposite direction from what they promised, but their attempts at lowering the cost have been aimed in the completely wrong direction.

Rather than seeking to expand drilling, or ease the restrictions that make it difficult to build new refineries, Democrats have dragged the oil companies before an investigative committee, pushed for a bill to sue OPEC, and even supported an environmental proposal that, rather than lower prices, would only drive them higher.

For the last two years, America has not had an energy policy, but a liberal environmental agenda masquerading an energy policy. Ever since the Democrats took control, the primary focus of our energy legislation hasn’t been on providing cheap, reliable energy to the public, but on protecting supposedly “endangered” animals (btw, the polar bear population has been on the rise in recent years).

Republicans should seize this massive failure of the DNC and turn it against them – by criticizing the Democrats on their failure to lower gas prices (or rather, breaking their promise to do so), and by laying out a series of proposals (addition drilling, loosening restrictions on refineries and gasoline additives) that would actually help to lower the price.

If we do that, we could very well cut our loses to a minimum.


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